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حفلات الزفاف

At Pullman Phuket Karon Beach Resort, we’ve perfected the art of creating your dream wedding in Phuket. We seamlessly blend the allure of nature with modern design elements to craft an unforgettable tropical wedding experience, enhanced by 5-star service. Your journey to an exceptional wedding ceremony begins right here.

زفاف أحلامكم في “بوكيت”

Surrounded by tropical gardens, beautifully lit pools, and everlasting sea views, make the most of Pullman Phuket Karon Beach Resorts’ breathtaking beach location for a truly unforgettable day.
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The Grand Ballroom: Where Dreams Take Center Stage

يفضي مزيج المناظر الطبيعية والتصاميم الحديثة إلى خلق أجواء ساحرة لعرس استوائي بمستوى عال من الخدمات الفاخرة. تُعدّ قاعتنا إحدى أكبر قاعات الحفلات (بدون أعمدة) في “بوكيت”، وهي مكان مثالي لاحتفال فخم. يمكن لهذه القاعة استيعاب نحو 550 كرسيًا، أو 1200 ضيفًا في حفلة كوكتيل.
يتّسم هذا المكان بتصميم محايد لتتمكّنوا من تشكيله كما تشاؤون. استمتعوا بالأسقف العالية ومعدّات الإضاءة والفيديو والصوت القابلة للتخصيص بدرجة كبيرة لخلق أجواء فريدة وخاصة بعرسكم، واستغلوا المدخل الأنيق المخصّص للترحيب بضيوفكم.

Nature’s Embrace: Your Dream Wedding Outdoors

Your journey to the perfect wedding in Phuket extends beyond our elegant ballroom. Imagine saying your vows amidst the lush green gardens of our sprawling 75-acre resort.
Whether you prefer an outdoor wedding on a sand court at Ocean Beach Club, a tranquil lawn by a scenic lagoon, or the intimacy of a traditional Thai wedding at the ‘Sala’ pavilion, we have the perfect backdrop for your love story.
Our diverse culinary offerings allow you to savor indulgent banquet menus, fine set menus, and delectable tapas for cocktail receptions under the stars, by the pool, or within an enchanting marquee. Surrounded by tropical gardens, illuminated pools, and endless sea views,
Pullman Phuket Karon Beach Resort transforms your wedding day into a truly unforgettable experience.
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Guiding Your Journey: Expert Wedding Specialists

As you prepare for your big day, our seasoned wedding planner at Pullman Karon Beach will be by your side every step of the way.
From the moment you confirm your plans to the day you embark on your honeymoon, their unwavering commitment ensures that every detail is as smooth and seamless as your bridal gown.
Let the magic of Phuket be the backdrop for your journey forever. Your dream wedding commences here, with Pullman Phuket Karon Beach Resort, a place where your love story is celebrated with boldness, fun, and intelligence. Your perfect wedding in Phuket is waiting, so let the adventure begin.

Pullman Phuket Karon Beach Resort is an ideal place to host a wedding in Phuket.

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